I’m Pamela Hults, the owner and lead shooter for a’ LaVie Photography. I’ve been a photographer my whole life and it’s been a lifelong career. I majored in photojournalism at UT and I knew the first time I was published that I had found what I was meant to do. While working as an editorial photographer was a blast, when I discovered how much I loved weddings and portraiture with more of a Vanity Fair twist, I left newspaper journalism and made weddings/portraiture my full time career.

I’m also the mom of a teenage boy who always makes me laugh, I love having the house full of boys he’s known since 3rd grade.  His friends call me by my first name and I sometimes think about how cool it’ll be when they get older and meet that one girl that stops them in their tracks. I know I’ll be that mom or friend’s mom that cries and is thrilled at the same time.  None of it ever gets old.