fullresprofile2-214x300PinThisI’m Pamela Hults, the owner and lead shooter for Pamela Hults Photographs. I’ve been a photographer my whole life and it’s been a lifelong career. I majored in photojournalism at UT and knew the first time I was published that I had found what I was meant to do. Working as an editorial photographer was a blast but then the world of wedding photojournalism opened up and I found that I loved having a real connection to my clients.  Creating timeless photographs is a collaborative effort and handing over images that reflect the client’s own personal sweetness and beauty of their wedding day is one of the best feelings in the world.

In this age of millions of photographs taken everyday and never printed, I decided to change my business name from a’ LaVie Photography to my own personal name.  I’m the one that’s always the lead shooter and I’m the one that will help you select images for your album.  I’ll do that even if you don’t get an album from me.  I desperately want you to print and treasure your most favorite photographs.

Finally, as the mom of a teenage boy who always makes me laugh, I love having the house full of boys he’s known since 3rd grade.  His friends call me by my first name and I sometimes think about how cool it’ll be when they  meet that one girl that stops them in their tracks. I know I’ll be that mom or friend’s mom that cries and is thrilled at the same time.  It honestly never gets old.