Camp Lucy Wedding Photography

Camp Lucy is the perfect venue for a hill country wedding.  I love how there are so many gorgeous options for backdrops and I find that Camp Lucy wedding photography is some of the best in the Austin area.  The gorgeous trees and landscaping are great by themselves but in this particular wedding, my client brought in a ton of flowers and made the place look almost magical.  Lara, my client, had her wedding outdoors and then moved everything into the main hall for the reception.  There were both indoor and outdoor seating areas throughout and on a beautiful night, the stars and night sky provide a beautiful ambiance to the wedding celebration.  It’s rustic enough to feel like you’re out in the hill country while having a GREAT plan b should it rain or be too cold.  —  I love the little chapel that has a great church like atmosphere for more traditional weddings.  With the wood interior and windows throughout, it’s a great backdrop for wedding photography as well.