Why It’s Time


Many of us haven’t had a beautiful portrait taken of ourselves in years or with those we love.  I wish I had a great one with my mom and regret not taking the time before she passed away.  I also think it’s important to realize that whatever age we’re at, we’ll someday look back and go wow, I didn’t look so bad and wish I had enjoyed it more.

My favorite portraits to take are for women who haven’t had a great one since college or on their own wedding day.  I also love maternity sessions where we create a photograph that you’ll always love whenever you see it and remember your little one growing inside you.  Photographing babies starting around 6 months when they generally sit up is also a fun time because they’re still a baby but on the verge of being a toddler.  Bringing them into the studio and recording that momentary time can be so sweet.

Most of all, I love generational portraits that often include a new baby, mom and grandmother or any combination of those women that are important in our lives.  Those pictures will become heirlooms and passed down with time.

I don’t forget the men in your lives.  Often, it’s fun to have them meet us after the studio session while you’re looking great and shoot a big family portrait.  I include it as an add on to the studio session because it’s a great way to bring everyone together and record the day.

Time is so precious and I promise that we’ll make the most of that time we have together.  You’ll love the experience and the photographs.